Do you have something to say? We want to share your experiences and views!  Diverse experiences and viewpoints can help add depth to the issues we talk about at LMK, bringing unique insights, developing our understanding and challenging taboos.

These guidelines explain what we’re looking for from blogs and how to pitch an idea to us.

Before you start

Think about what you want to share and whether you’re ready to share your views and experiences publically – even if you’re doing so anonymously. You might find it helpful to discuss it with a trusted friend.

Who do we want to hear from

LMK works with young people aged up to 24 years old and we’re particularly keen to hear from young people. We can only accept blog proposals from those aged over 18.

We’re also keen to hear from parents, teachers and youth workers or any supporters who might have advice or experience you’d like to share about why you support LMK.

If you need any adjustments to our process due to a disability, neurodiversity or any other reason, please get in touch on

What we want to hear about

We want our guest blogs to cover a diverse range of topics and experiences relating to relationships. We’ll consider proposals on any topic related to relationships. Possible topics might be:

Blogs generally engage with the audience better when they’re based on personal experience. We’re happy to receive pitches on opinion pieces, but ideally they’ll have a personal element/personal anecdotes too.

Our process

Remember, if you need any adjustments to the process due to disability, neurodiversity or any other reason, just let us know.

Anonymity and safeguarding

Writing tips

Planning and structuring your blog

Take care of yourself.

If you find your experiences too painful to write about, it might be best to put the blog to one side until you feel more able to work on it. On the other hand, some people find writing helpful. Either way, your wellbeing comes first. Support is available if you need to talk.


If we move forwards with your pitch and ask you to write a blog, we will give you a £25 gift voucher after you submit your blog.