In an exclusive feature in DIVA magazine, Meet LMK: the charity stopping cycles of domestic abuse, LMK Leader Anna talks to DIVA journalist, Ella. Openly sharing her own personal journey and discussing her role as an LMK workshop leader, Anna explores the importance of teaching young people how to spot unhealthy relationships and the urgency of LMK’s mission to educate young people on how to build positive, healthy relationships.

“With relationships, we’re expected to know about them without being taught anything. We’re expected to learn it from our families. It’s so important when you’re young to learn about relationships because you’re still malleable. I think it should be part of the curriculum – reading, writing, and relationships!” – Anna, DIVA Magazine

Anna articulates the disproportionate impact of domestic abuse on the LGBTQIA+ community, emphasising the importance and urgency of the work that we do. 

“We don’t talk about LGBTQIA relationships. We see LGBTQIA+ relationships. But they’re still not part of everyday conversation. The assumption [by participants] in all our workshops when we talk about scenarios is that it’s going to be between a man and a woman.” – Anna, DIVA Magazine

She goes on to offer advice as to how people can support domestic abuse survivors, and provides insight into some of the major signs of abuse in a relationship, such as intensity, volatility and possessiveness.

“Intensity is one of the biggest signs. Especially if you’re LGBTQIA+, someone who displays intensity from the start of a relationship can feel so good at the time.” – Anna, DIVA Magazine

At LMK, we hope that Anna’s article will lead to more meaningful discussions and raise awareness surrounding relationship abuse within the LGBTQIA+ community.

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