In addition to our recent articles in Yahoo, we’re delighted to announce we’ve been featured on BNN Breaking with two articles revealing significant statistics concerning relationship abuse among young adults, and highlighting the instrumental role of social media platforms, particularly Snapchat, in certain problematic behaviours.

The first article in BNN Breaking focuses on the challenges faced by young people in identifying unhealthy relationship signs. According to our survey, 60% of young individuals struggle to recognise these signs, highlighting an issue that demands attention and action.

Read the full article on BNN Breaking: Survey reveals 60% of young people struggle to identify unhealthy relationship signs

The second article focuses on the impact of social media, which revealed that over a third of young adults have had their location tracked by a partner using an app or device, and Snapchat has emerged as the primary platform for these kind of behaviours.

You can read the full article on BNN Breaking here: Snapchat identified as main platform for relationship abuse among young adults, reveals LMK study

We are thrilled to be able to raise awareness of these crucial issues and the work we do at LMK by reaching the BNN Breaking audiences. This reach enables a growth in understanding, working towards a world where everyone has the tools and confidence to navigate these issues with knowledge, confidence, and respect.

Find out more about the LMK workshops on our what we do page.