We’re delighted to have been featured twice this month in Yahoo, with findings from our latest survey highlighting troubling trends in relationships among young adults aged 16-24.

Article 1, featured in Yahoo Life, includes the statistic, “as many as six in 10 young people don’t know how to spot the signs of an unhealthy relationship,” and explores the common misconception that intensive behaviour from a partner, such as love-bombing, signifies a healthy relationship.

Read the full article: 10 signs of an unhealthy relationship as 60% of young adults can’t spot one

In a separate piece in Yahoo Finance, attention is brought to the pervasive issue of relationship abuse facilitated by social media. This article highlights how mobile phones and social media platforms, particularly Snapchat, have made it easier than ever for individuals to track their partners, leading to discomfort and distress among many young people.

Read the full article: Love on track: Education charity – LMK – reveals tracking trend leaves 6 in 10 young adults uncomfortable

We are thrilled to be able to raise awareness of these crucial issues and the work we do at LMK by reaching a wider audience at Yahoo. As more and more people learn about LMK’s work and the complex issues faced by individuals in their relationships, we can work together to be able to tackle and navigate these issues with knowledge, confidence, and respect.

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