We are pleased to be a delivery partner in the Evening Standard’s Show Respect campaign, an initiative aiming to tackle sexual abuse and violence in schools by funding workshops about healthy relationships. 

The Show Respect campaign follows The Evening Standard’s investigation into violence against girls, highlighting that:


Research by Jon Yates, head of the Youth Endowment Fund, highlighted that typical measures like CCTV, better street lighting and anti-bullying programmes are having minimal impact on reducing violence against women and girls. Instead, low-tech workshops on healthy relationships could improve attitudes and reduce violence against girls by at least 17%. 

Kicking off in September, the campaign will fund LMK, alongside 12 other organisations, to work with teenagers across London to carry out healthy relationships workshops in schools for pupils aged 13-14 years.

LMK has been facilitating relationships workshops with young people since 2020 and we are pleased that healthy relationships education is being recognised as an effective option to prevent violence against women and girls and relationship abuse more generally.

LMK’s CEO Deirdre Kehoe said, “We know young people are most likely to experience relationship abuse between the ages of 16 and 19. The Evening Standard’s Show Respect Campaign is so important as a preventive measure – allowing young people to reflect and learn about the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships so that they have the knowledge and skills to thrive in their relationships and live a happier and safer lives”.

More information about LMK’s work is available here.