LMK to tackle violence against women and girls in Evening Standard’s Show Respect campaign

We are pleased to be a delivery partner in the Evening Standard’s Show Respect campaign, an initiative aiming to tackle sexual abuse and violence in schools by funding workshops about healthy relationships.  The Show Respect campaign follows The Evening Standard’s investigation into violence against girls, highlighting that: Sexual harassment is a daily occurrence for many […]

As a society, are we confusing relationship abuse for passion?

By Kirsten Westlake, Co-Founder of LMK Reality TV, celebrity culture and social media play a major role in popular culture. But what are they teaching us about healthy and unhealthy relationships? According to our study in spring 2024, nearly a quarter (24%) of young adults (aged 16-25) say their perception of having relationships are influenced by […]

Chris takes on epic walking challenge to raise money for LMK

On 18 May 2024, friend and supporter of LMK, Chris Emmett, took on the epic Jurassic Coast Ultra Challenge in Dorset to raise money for LMK so we can continue to bring our workshops to more young people and work towards breaking the cycle of relationship abuse. This was no mean feat, as he battled […]

LMK’s statement on government plans to delay relationship and sex education for young people

We’re deeply concerned by yesterday’s announcement that schools in England will be banned from teaching sex education to children under nine, while limiting it for children under 13, with the new government guidance likely to be published today (Thursday).  According to reports, learning about sexual activity, gender identity, domestic violence, coercive control, and sexual violence […]

LMK featured in BNN Breaking with survey highlighting concerning relationship trends among young people

In addition to our recent articles in Yahoo, we’re delighted to announce we’ve been featured on BNN Breaking with two articles revealing significant statistics concerning relationship abuse among young adults, and highlighting the instrumental role of social media platforms, particularly Snapchat, in certain problematic behaviours. The first article in BNN Breaking focuses on the challenges […]

‘How to Have Sex’ – an exploration of consent

TW: Discussions of sex, consent and sexual assault Have you had a chance to watch the film How to Have Sex, yet? Written and directed by Molly Manning Walker and based on some of Molly’s own lived experiences, this BAFTA-nominated film cleverly intertwines the themes of coming of age, consent, peer pressure and nostalgia.  The […]

Youth sex offences rise: porn and explicit image sharing

Trigger Warning: Discussions of sexual violence and pornography At LMK, we are concerned but not surprised by the latest National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) report which highlights a notable increase in sexual offences committed by children in England and Wales, with the sharing of explicit and intimate images by young people identified as a contributing […]

Spotlight on LMK in DIVA magazine

In an exclusive feature in DIVA magazine, Meet LMK: the charity stopping cycles of domestic abuse, LMK Leader Anna talks to DIVA journalist, Ella. Openly sharing her own personal journey and discussing her role as an LMK workshop leader, Anna explores the importance of teaching young people how to spot unhealthy relationships and the urgency […]