We offer a prevention programme against relationship abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault that equips young people to have healthy relationships during their teen years, but also embeds behaviours and expectations that are carried through into adult life.

10 Signs workshops for young people

LMK’s 10 Signs workshops teach young people to spot and stop unhealthy relationship behaviours in themselves and others, using the 10 Signs framework. Our Leaders give young people the tools and confidence they need to speak out, seek help and keep themselves and their friends safe.

We offer four workshop topics – each workshop can be delivered as a stand-alone workshop, or can be combined with others to create a wider programme for your organisation.

Inclusive Programme

LMK saw that all young people needed a space to discuss their relationships and young people with special education needs and disabilities (SEND) often miss out on these conversations, even though they can be at greater risk of relationship abuse.

We created a programme that provides an opportunity to have safe, open discussions about relationships in ways tailored to the needs of the participants. Developed with SEND professionals, parents of children with SEND, and young people with lived experience, the programme can be fully adapted and makes sure that the scenarios are tailored to experiences of people with SEND and individual learning styles.

Training for youth work professionals

LMK believes that when you have a good thing, you should share it. That’s why we have developed a ‘train-the trainer’ professional development programme based on our 10 signs programme, share our learning with other educators and youth leaders.

Designed for professionals working with young people, ‘How to talk to young people about healthy and unhealthy relationships’, is an interactive and motivational course designed to help you develop the skills required to have an inclusive, accessible, non-judgemental approach to relationship conversations with young people.

By the end of the course, you will understand why relationship education is important and how to teach the 10 signs framework. You will have practised your approach to having relationship conversations, built confidence and explored the issues affecting young people and their relationships.

Workplace Relationships Programme

LMK knows that having healthy work relationships is critical to young people’s happiness and to an organisation’s success. We want staff to be confident in identifying healthy and unhealthy relationships and know what steps to take if they are concerned about a colleague’s behaviour.

By the end of this course, staff will be able to identify healthy and unhealthy behaviours using the 10 signs framework. They will practise their approach to having inclusive and positive conversations around different behaviours (including handling tricky situations) and explore opportunities to improve their working relationships, champion best practice and foster happy, productive teams.

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