LMK’s workshops teach young people to spot and stop unhealthy relationship behaviours in themselves and others, using the 10 Signs framework.

We saw that all young people needed a space to discuss their relationships and young people with special education needs and disabilities (SEND) often miss out on these conversations, even though they can be at greater risk of relationship abuse.

Our inclusive workshops, developed with SEND professionals, parents of children with SEND, and young people with lived experience are specially tailored to provide young people with the tools and confidence they need to speak out, seek help and stay safe.

Within our Inclusive module we offer two workshop topics – each workshop can be delivered as a stand-alone workshop, or can be combined with others to create a wider programme for your organisation..

Introducing the 10 Signs

Through group discussion, real-life scenarios, and self-reflection, young people learn the 10 signs of a healthy/unhealthy relationship and develop practical tools and strategies to help themselves and others. 

Sharing of intimate images

This workshop gives young people a deeper understanding of the consequences of sharing intimate images and equips them with strategies to protect themselves.

All Modules are 1 hour long

  • Open to young people with SEND between the ages of 11-24
  • Free for state schools, small charities and community organisations
  • Flexible, allowing for different needs, interests and timetables

If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch with us at

Impact of our 10 signs programme:

  • “’It (teaches) us what to do when we are in a tricky relationship.”
  • “(My leaders) are responsible and kind.”
  • “I know how to be safe.”
  • “It made me learn more about life when we grow up. I liked everything.”
  • “(I learnt) about healthy friendships and tricky friendships.”

Two thirds of young people who attended an LMK workshop told us we had changed their understanding of healthy and unhealthy relationships

  • 81% of young people believe today’s workshop will be useful in their relationships, either right now or in the future.
  • 84% of young people who attended an LMK workshop knew how to seek help for themselves or a friend in an abusive relationship

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